Rachael Greenland - Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 2  

Case Studies

Champ Champ - Shar Pei aged 4-5 rescue dog, severe neglect, bad skin etc....read more on Champ
ET ET - Siamese cross aged 7, sprayed all over the house, chewing plastic, bullying etc.....read more on ET
Bree Bree - Show Doberman aged 6 months, fearful of strangers, shyness, mouthing soft toys .....read more on Bree
Tico Tico - Show Bichon Frise aged 14 months, dropped tail in show ring, fearful of other dogs, jumpy, barking.......read more on Tico
Saunders Saunders - Rooster, attacked owner with spurs .......read more on Saunders
Sorrel Sorrel - Agility & Obedience Collie aged 4, very stressed, barking, sound sensitive, fearful of vet, selectively deaf etc....read more on Sorrel
Poppy Poppy - Jack Russell aged 6, fear of thunder & fireworks, fear of vets, fear of big dogs, excessive barking etc.....read more on Poppy

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