Rachael Greenland - Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 2  

Poppy Jack Russell Terrier - Aged 6



  • Fear of thunder/fireworks - became a quivering wreck & hid in corner
  • Vet visits - needed sedation for routine treatment
  • Fear of big dogs
  • Fear of smoke alarm - licked the wall
  • Excessive barking
  • Car travel - licking window & high-pitched bark


  • Extreme fear of being handled
  • Unable to get close without her snapping
  • Fur around shoulders more curly then rest of body
  • Lots of calming signals - especially lip licking
  • Pants when anxious


  • After 1 session Poppy didn't leap off the sofa whenever owner got up or moved. More relaxed. Panting reduced.
  • Session 3 - came to me for TTouches
  • Session 5 - very happy to be approached & fussed by a stranger
  • Vet visit - no sedation required. Muzzled (as a matter of course) but sat calmly for boosters & check-up
  • Fireworks - ears flattened but apart from that showed no fear
  • Poppy is much more relaxed in everyday life.

"I am so pleased with what TTouch has done for Poppy that I have started to train as a TTouch Practitioner" - Owner

8 Sessions & 1 Workshop


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