Rachael Greenland - Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 2  

Natural Animal Healing
megSupport veterinary treatment, ageing and general health problems.

Please note that for health problems you must seek the advice of your vet first.

When I first learned how to do natural healing in 1999 it was always in my heart that I wanted to work with animals. At the time I had a wide range of experience working with people, & gradually worked more and more with animals.

When I started to use TTouch, I found that it partnered healing very well. It quickly became very apparent that animals know exactly what the options are & will make it very clear if they prefer one modality to the other, or are happy with them in combination. I let them guide me, whilst checking in that you, the client, are happy for this to happen.

Healing can be used in a variety of situations, not just for health problems. For example, our animals can worry just as much as we do, & healing can sometimes help to alleviate those worries, possibly combined with TTouch to help them to relax. It can also be very helpful when preparing an animal to pass over, a time that can be difficult for all those involved.

When receiving healing the subject (person or animal) may feel tingling, heat, cold or nothing at all. It is very relaxing, with animals often going into a deep sleep during a session.

Distance healing is given between sessions to give extra support when required.


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