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MerlinI bought Merlin a smooth collie from a top breeder inBuckinghamshire in 1998 he was adorable from the beginning, but a very serious little chap. Over the years he did very well in the show ring, eventually winning a second in his class at Crufts in 2002. He loved all the attention and fuss and really enjoyed having his photo taken showing his best side when a camera was about. Sadly just before his 5th Birthday he had a stroke, unable to get up and walk he lay pathetically in his bed, disorientated, confused and obviously very stressed by the whole thing. After much TLC and coaxing over the next 2 weeks I eventually managed to get him to a point where he was able to stagger to the garden, but it wasn’t enough. My handsome, bold champion had been reduced to a fraction of his former glory and a very pitiful site.

A few weeks later I went to a local fundraiser for a dog re-homing centre, this is where I met Rachael. I had taken Merlin with me, partly for the stimulation for him and partly because I couldn’t leave him home alone. I didn’t know anything about TTouch, but I had nothing to lose and Merlin had everything to gain. After explaining Merlin’s problem Rachel began ‘working’ on him, she spent in my opinion, what seemed a very long time on him and he just lay there taking everything that she did and wanting more. When we eventually left Merlin seemed to be ‘lighter’ in himself, he walked better and was more interested in his surroundings.

A week later I asked Rachel if she would come and visit Merlin at home and give him some more TTouch as he seemed to have benefited so much from his first session. Initially he had weekly sessions and improved with each visit, his appetite returned, he was able to walk further and was taking note of things going on around, in fact over the next few months he had become ‘the nosey neighbour’ or ‘curtain twitcher’ he’d been before. To me it was like a miracle I had ‘my boy’ back – well almost, I went to take a photo of him, he looked wonderful, but he took one look at the camera and got up and walked in doors – he didn’t want to be photographed. It was as if I wasn’t to remember him in such a sad state.

Merlin lived a further 2 years, but sadly he fell ill to pancreatitis. Rachel came and helped him again; he loved seeing her and was always eager to get started with his session. Merlin was always brighter after his treatment and seemed to be in less discomfort. Unfortunately I had to have him put to sleep February 2005 as I couldn’t watch him suffer any longer with this dreadful disease. To me, the work that Rachel did on Merlin was nothing short of a miracle. I would recommend TTouch to anyone who has the slightest problem, whether it's behaviour or physical problems.

Lynda Brooks


SummerI could not believe the difference one session with you made, I called you as a last resort. Summer was so nervous and very frightened, it was very difficult for us all. The difference was really noticeable and with a week, she has made a 50% improvement. We calmed her with the circular movements you taught us and still use this today if only to calm her down. She has gone from a timid shy frightened little thing to a boisterous happy mouthy little soul. It is unbelievable. She still does not like loud noises and of course our area has a lot of hunting, but she does not respond to the noises quite so badly.

We got in touch with you out of desperation and must say we were very sceptical, all I can now say is don't knock it if you haven't tried it. Through you we have a lovely little dog who is confident and extremely happy and has become so bossy it is unbelievable. Do you remember she did not like other dogs? Now she has so many doggy friends it is lovely to watch all bigger than herself and she is the boss. Will send you a photo of Summer with her best friend Lili who idolises her.

Love and thanks from
Carole, Pete, Summer Parker and Mino


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