Rachael Greenland - Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 2  

What is Tellington TTouch? megphoto

Tellington TTouch is a potent method which permits handling to reduce existing stress rather than adding to it.

It is a hands-on technique that influences the nervous system, allowing learning by activating the body’s cells, integrating body & mind, as a result, encourages a state of health and balance. TTouch is used to help animals through their problems - no matter what the cause. Inappropriate behaviours diminish, health & condition improve, & confidence grows. Your animal starts to think about their actions. The technique is based upon bodywork - moving the skin in light circles, groundwork - simple obstacles to encourage co-ordination, & leading exercises (mainly for dogs) all combine to form TTouch.

How did it develop? Saunders

Whilst training to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner around 30 years ago, Linda Tellington-Jones (a renowned endurance rider in the States) learnt how tension patterns affect the ability to use the body with ease, & how this dis-ease affected the functioning of the mind. Using gentle touch & movements awareness is brought to these patterns, allowing the system to naturally search for new ways of being. Linda began to apply these principles to her horses & saw extraordinary changes; drastically reduced recovery time, injury reduction, & increased performance. Over time, Linda developed the circular TTouches, & started to teach others in seminars & then in the Practitioner Training Programme. There are now Practitioners worldwide, including a strong (& increasing) team here in Britain.

Where else can I find a TTouch Practitioner?

To find your nearest Practitioner in the UK, go to TTouchTTeam.co.uk

Today, TTouch is being taught in America, Canada, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Australia & Japan!
Following 3 years training, I qualified as a TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner in 2004.
There are two ways to help using TTouch:

  • attend a one day workshops & learn how to do the TTouch for yourself, & how to understand your animal companion better. Look at the “workshops” page for more details & to check out dates & locations.

  • Contact me to book a one-to-one consultations where individual problems are addressed. During a session a history is taken, the animal is assessed, practical work completed according to need, & you will be taught how to do the TTouch so that you can continue between sessions.

I am able to offer Tellington TTouch to all animals, except equines.

First Session
Subsequent Sessions
One to One Consultation
£40 per person per day (with dog)

My scale of fees is shown above.
Tellington TTouch™ is not intended to replace good veterinary treatment.
For health issues veterinary referral will be requested.
You will be sent a form for your vet to complete.


If your animal is insured, please check your policy.
Many insurers now cover “complementary therapy” which includes TTouch.
Veterinary referral will be required. Please ask for a form & speak to your vet.


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