Rachael Greenland - Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 2  

How did I come to TTouch?meg&rach

Since childhood I felt that there was “another” way to handle animals beyond the “show them who’s boss” technique. My first dog after leaving college (Oliver) pushed me to my limits. Then Sandy brought a behaviourist to us & showed us how to really disconnect from our lovely Cocker Spaniel. Finally, Meg (right) brought me a good APDT trainer who mentioned TTouch as a solution to her chronic timidity. Not only did it help with her problems, but it also fitted my heartfelt vision of how animals can be treated - with kindness, respect & gentleness - & be effective at the same time.

Meg had problems as a puppy, & each day was a challenge. She is now 5 and is one of the greatest teachers I have had. She has taken me on a journey of discovery that has helped her, but is also helping others as a consequence. I felt so powerless & frustrated knowing that each day was so hard for her. She’s not a dog to be overly firm with, we therefore HAD to take the gentle route. Using clicker training, good natural nutrition, Tellington TTouch™, Turid Rugaas’ calming signals, appropriate exercise, healing, & huge amounts of love, we now have a dog who makes positive changes every week & copes well with day-to-day challenges.


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